How to Hijack Windows 10 Session?

Description Purpose: To hijack a local windows session (any user) Requirements: Local administrator rights Tools: PsExec Even with administrator rights, you can not impersonate (or hijack) a another user. With this attack you gain full control over a locally logged user account. Instructions Download SysInternal’s PsExec tool from here. Extract it to a folder of …

Brute Force Dictionary Attack Against BitLocker

First of all, brute forcing BitLocker drive with adequate password is definitely a no go. Modern CPU / GPU based attack vectors will take stellar amount of time to break the encryption. But if you still want to hit your head to the wall, be my quest!

Inspecting BitLocker encrypted drive in Kali Linux

In this blog post we are inspecting the BitLocker encrypted drive we encrypted in part 2 using Kali Linux. In this tutorial we have booted the Kali Linux in Live CD/USB mode without persistent storage. We are going to use the Dislocker tool to inspect the encrypted BitLocker drive/partition. Installing the Dislocker tool Although Kali …

How to keep your data safe from bad guys? – Implementing BitLocker – Part 2

Checking TPM-Module When implementing BitLocker you need to first check if the computer has the TPM-module. In Windows 10 you can check that by writing “tpm.msc” in the search box.