How to install GnuPG / GPG (Email Encryption)

Download GnuPG client for your platform from GnuPG website. You can download GnuPG source code where you can compile the program from the source code or you can download binary release. GnuPG (GPG for short) web site has download links of binary releases for many popular operating systems. In this tutorial we are going to use Windows as our platform…

GnuPG (GPG) Website maintains Windows release of the GnuPG. You can download the client from here. Installation follows standard next, next, finish path, although I suggest adding Gnu Privacy Assistant component. Other options to install are following:

Component Description
GnuPG Gnu Privacy Guard
Kleopatra Keymanager for OpenPGP and X.509
GPA GNU Privacy Assistant
GpgOL GnuPG plugin for Microsoft Outlook
GpgEX GnuPG shell extensions
Gpg4win Compendium GPG4Win documention
You can select GPA as alternative to Kleopatra as your key management software.
Installation of GPG4Win / GnuPG.


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