How To Export and Import OpenPGP Keys with Kleopatra and GPA

Exporting public keys

OpenPGP public keys are as name suggests – public. You can post them in your website or include it in your email signature – although the signature might be little long after that.

Exporting public key with Kleopatra

Select your certificate in Kleopatra and select File > Export Certificates or Ctrl+E.

Kleopatra – Export Certificates.
Kleopatra – Select file name and location for public key.

Exporting the public key with PGA

Select the generated certificate / key in the list and select Keys > Export Keys from the menu. Pick the location and name for the file and click save.

PGA – Export public key.

Share the public key

Open the exported public key file with your favorite text edit (ie. Notepad) and copy the public key to your clipboard or send the file to the party you wish to communicate securely.

This what public key looks like in Notepad

Key exchange

Send the public key to the party whom you wish to communicate securely.

When you receive OpenPGP public key block, you need to add that key to your keyring. You can accomplish that by saving public key to a file or to a clipboard.

How to add public key in Kleopatra

Select Kleopatra icon from the taskbar and right click it. From popup menu select Clipboard > Certificate Import.

Kleopatra – Import Certificate.

Kleopatra acknowledges count of imported certificates and the certificate appears in Other Certificates tab.

Kleopatra – Certificate Import Results.
Kleopatra – Other Certificates tab.

How to add public key in GPA

If you have already created the keys, the GPA opens in to the Clipboard mode. If you are in Key Manager window, you can get in to the Clipboard mode by selecting Windows > Clipboard from the menu.

GPA – How To Open Keyring manager.

Copy (Ctrl + c) the public key from email / file to the clipboard and then select Gnu Privacy Assistant Key Manager windows and paste it (Ctrl + v).

GPA – Key import.

The new key appears in to your key manager window.

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