Creating OpenPGP keys with Kleopatra

Launch the Kleopatra from start menu and select New Certificate from File menu.

Create new certificate in Kleopatra.

Next you need to choose the certificate format. OpenPGP key is compatible with Symantec (original) PGP, OpenPGP and GnuPG. In enterprise environment where there is Certificate authority servers (CA’s) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) there is possible to create X.509 compatible key pair.

Kleopatra – Choose Certificate Format.

Fill out the certificate details.

Kleopatra – Certificate Details.

It is possible to change key properties in the advanced settings window.

Kleopatra – Certificate Advanced Settings.

Confirm the certificate parameters and create the key.

Kleopatra – Create Key
Kleopatra – Enter Passphrase.
Kleopatra – Key Pair Succesfully Created.

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